Hyperborea Rising

Amelia's journal: entry 1

So it’s been about a week and our little group has already embarked on our first escapade. How did it go you ask? Well it was certainly… let’s call it a unique experience. After introductions and a good meal with Hyperborea’s king and his court Arcay, a half-elf cleric of Quetzalcoatl I believe, learned that in the frozen wastes outside of Hyperborea lived a shaman of sorts who could help him find his god. Given that, at least on a first impressions basis, he seemed a rather nice and pleasant person I told him that I would help him. I mean helping to find a missing god is a pretty good thing to do right? Before setting off however we met with a very large, very brutish and, to be quite honest, very terrifying looking man called Kharn who said that he could lead us to the shaman. Initially Arcay, the Tiger and myself were very reluctant to take him with us but Ratcliffe proved to be adamant and so he joined us.

Speaking of Ratcliffe it seems that we may have our hands full if we do end up helping him in his quest to restore Carthage as, and I kid you not, he purchased 30 capybaras (which were absolutely adorable by the way) to pull his sleigh. Most of said capybaras died during the journey sadly and Ratcliffe had the nerve to try and bring them back with necromancy. Thankfully Arcay undid his spell whenever he tried it but then, out of nowhere Ratcliffe starts yelling at me, convinced that I was out to kill him. Where he got this idea I have no idea as I like to think that I have been very pleasant and courteous with everyone. Maybe the cold was getting to him and he’ll stop this after he has time to warm up.

Anyway a little over a week and a climb up some mountains later we finally arrive at what looked like some makeshift camp or village filled with people similar to Kharn. In retrospect given that it was covered with weapons, the people themselves seemed very suspicious of us and I think there was a half eaten human body there perhaps bringing in a local guide was a smart move. Kharn then led us to the entrance of what appeared to be either an ancient or ruined temple and told us to enter. Upon doing so we were met by a rather decrepit looking man, apparently the same man who first informed Arcay if the shaman in the first place. Speaking of Arcay he wasted absolutely no time and asked the old man where his god was and was rather disappointed when he recieved a riddle for his troubles. Thinking carefully I devised a question so specific that he couldn’t respond with a riddle and by doing so discovered that the missing god is locked in a cage deep in Tartarus. I’m pretty sure Arcay felt pretty grateful for that judging by the massive hug he gave me. Though I have to admit, since I spoke to the old man (who may actually be some sort of demon) I’ve been feeling a bit weird, almost as if life itself has lost some of it’s spark, as if the colour palette of the world suddenly became more dull. I don’t know maybe it will go away when we spend some time away from that creepy place.

So, overall this has been a pretty interesting first soirĂ©e and if it’s any indication for what’s to come then it can only probable get stranger from here. Also Ratcliffe is going to be an insurance test.



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