Hyperborea Rising

Amelia's journal: entry 2

On orphans, toads and talking doors

So, it’s been a few weeks since I last wrote in here and quite a bit has transpired in that timespan. Upon returning from the frozen wastes of Hyperborea we decided to spend some time researching what scraps of information we recieved from the strange chaos god. While Arcay wished to learn more on his God’s prison deep within Tartarus, the others decided to engage in their own fields of research. I’m not quite sure what Gestr was studying as he seemingly secluded himself while we were busy but it’s probably best not to pry as it’s probably a matter of great importance to him and to dig too deeply might seem rude. Ratcliffe on the other hand decided look up “that which sleeps below” or something to that effect. Given that it is a very vague clue he concluded that he required some assistance to solve this problem. However instead of say, hiring a few scholars he decided to go around every orphanage and hired every literate orphan he could find to go through every book he could get. Well, I say hired… he initially wanted them to do it for free but had to pay when the orphans told him to. Needless to say this method of research was rather long and protracted but in the end yielded results. Apparently the thing that sleeps below is a giant dragon sleeping in the centre of the Earth. So yeah, that’ll be one hell of an adventure. Oh, and Ratcliffe may or may not have a team of researching orphans ready at any time now. So, if King lars is reading this I must stress that Ratcliffe is never left unsupervised. Ever.
However we were left with something of a dilemma, as all of our intended destinations were some distance away and we were essentially broke. So, in order to alleviate this issue we were given an assignment from the King to clear out any creatures deep within the city that may have been spawned by the areas wild magic. Ratcliffe however did not join us as he was too busy trying to create a giant tumour familiar or capybara. Did I forget to mention he already has a rather sizeable tumour as a familiar?
Anyway we descended into a well locked area of the city, Gestr’s Druid assuming the form of a fire elemental to light the way for Arcay. However it didn’t take long for trouble to find us as Arcay was almost immediately attacked by a Mimic disguised as an old box. Our next find was not as dangerous however as we encountered a talking door… for a broom cupboard. Also the door had two personalities with the side inside the cupboard acting a bit… let’s just say he was somewhat rude. Moving on we were then met with the sight of a strange humanoid crystal that kept on screaming at us. It was quickly dispatched but we soon learned that it wasn’t actually a threat as a creepy toad like monster that apparently didn’t like loud noises attacked us right afterwards. After the toad was dispatched we then entered a room filled with animated wood splinters that could form words. Just between us they were absolutely adorable and Shikobe seemed to agree as he had them all jump into his bag. While we’re talking about him he also decided to drink a notion in the next room and ever since then he’s been acting a bit… strange. He was rearranging potion bottles, sweeping the floor and I swear he keeps giving us these weird looks, as if he’s studying us for imperfections. Anyway, the penultimate room had a grating for a floor with three wooden boxes across from us. Knowing that something bad with definitely happen if we tried to cross Shikobe used his magic to move the boxes over to us. And then Arcay was attacked by a creepy brain like monster that jumped out from one of said boxes. I swear by the way that these things were strong willed because it took forever for me to actually make one fall asleep. Luckily I managed with this one and Shikobe’s spirit squished it. Also a creepy red mist attacked Gestr when he crossed the grating.
Finally however, we made it to the last room that had a big shiny crystal and was covered in mushrooms that our Druid swiftly burned away. Until some of them formed into a pair of humanoid monsters and attacked us. In retrospect I’m glad I kept my distance as after they fell they released a dangerous looking cloud. Come to think of it, last I saw him Arcay didn’t’ take look all too right but hopefully I’m just imagining things. Upon clearing out the mushrooms though we were contacted by another weird entity similar to the one we met in the defiled temple. Since I’d had my fair share of wierd stuff for the day I decided to leave the others to deal with whatever it was and made a start on trying to release the talking door from it’s hinges, thinking that it can’t be all that nice being a door for a broom cupboard and maybe a nicer room could help with the attitude a little bit.
But, when all is said and done we were paid, we have a clearer idea of where we need to go and none of us were horribly disfigured or scarred this time. So, all in all it’s been a pretty successful few weeks.



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