Hyperborea Rising

Amelia's journal: entry 4

You know, it hasn’t been that long since I last wrote here and I thought it would take a bit longer for anything really noteworthy to occur. You would think by now that I would have completely dropped all expectations I had when I started travelling with my current companions and the latest events have convinced me to. So, where to start off? Well, it seems that Ratcliffe has completed the private research that has kept him preoccupied over the last few months and according to him he has met his intended goal. What was he trying to do you ask? Well he can now grow an elephant… from a tumour on his person. You would think that little could shock or repulse me by now but there you go. Also it would seem that Shikoba has decided to depart in order to “spread the love” and while I’m not quite sure what he means by that I wish him all the best. Also it seems that Gestr and Ji are currently preoccupied in their studies and I thought it best not to enquire as to the subject of their study, more for the sake of my own mental wellbeing than anything else.
I must say though Ratcliffe certainly wanted to make up for lost time. Before we departed from Gaul he wished to make a quick diversion in search of what he calls a “take out”, which apparently is some form of eatery that sells travelling foods. Given my now… shall we say mixed opinion on food at the present moment myself and Arcay went on ahead to meet Jean. Thus, we set off for Greece in search of more legendary weapons for our great quest which, incidentally, meant a somewhat lengthy voyage with little to do in terms of activities. It was at this time that Ratcliffe offered each of us a sample from his alchemical stocks. He gave Arcay a strange white powder to add to his cocoa which almost immediately had him on the floor complaining of an agonising pain in his chest. It was then that I requested something that could help ease his pain at which point he handed me a vial filled with a strange looking liquid. Deciding to test the effects of this substance first I was first struck bu the utterly foul taste of the stuff… which was immediately replaced with a feeling of searing agony by my shoulder blades. I’m told that I blacked out then but I will admit that I got a surprise when I woke up… with a pair of large BAT WINGS. So at least I’ve learned one thing; never accept anything from Ratcliffe. Also, while I’m on the subject I’ll need to completely replace my current wardrobe with open backed gowns.
So, upon reaching Athens we immediately set off in search of information about he weapon of Heracles but were almost immediately set off course by the sight of a naked man running off to see the city Governor. Naturally we set off in pursuit because of course we did and learned that he had plans for an indoor latrine system similar to those in Hyperborea. It was at this point that Ratcliffe let slip that he had been to Hyperborea and 20 guards circled us. Not wishing to get tangled in a pointless fight I feigned ignorance of the two and managed to back away somewhat. At this point Ratcliffe decided to escalate things by dropping a vial of a most foul smelling substance and engaged the guards. Taking advantage of the confusion I pursued the most reasonable path and ran for the market. It was after acquiring a nice looking gown that I was interrupted by the sound of multiple explosions coming from the Governor’s office, followed by the sight of Ratcliffe and Arcay riding a large flying snake. You know I never in my life thought that I could write that last sentence without it being a work of fiction by there we go. As it turns out they were also being pursued by a force of griffin riders who they somehow managed to elude.
Deciding to try and salvage something from this trip I made my way to the local academy in hopes of finding information on our current quarry but as it turns out that wasn’t meant to be. It turns out the arseholes in this city don’t exactly like girls entering their libraries and turned me away at the door. Utterly aggravated by this point I recieved a message from Arcay that we should regroup at Jean’s ship and, hoping to try and get something from this escapade tried to fly back, only to hit a tree and fall flat on my arse. As if nothing else could go wrong I now have a pair ow wings that I not only can’t show in public for fear that they’ll see me as a bloody demon but they don’t even let me properly fly. Well mark my words I am getting something out of this little adventure so I don’t care how long it takes or how many times I fall on my face I will get these stupid things to work.
Other than that it’s been a pretty uneventful few weeks all things considered.



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