Hyperborea Rising

Chapter 4

Starting to get used to writing

After finishing the endeavors of last chapter we decided to return to the surface in order to rest up and prepare ourselves for continued exploration of these ruins. I was still good to go but understanding the limits of some of our party members, surely weighed down by hundreds of copper pieces, we returned to the surface to find a strange man in our camp. He claims to be an artist, painting at most times, no matter the circumstances so I’m leaning towards accepting his identity. As befitting of people of our stature we acted as gracious hosts towards him. After resting up we continued on our adventure underground, this time bringing the newcomer with us as that was his wish. We managed to find the chamber with the spear in it, and it was almost within our grasp, but our nemesis, the evil part of Karzak, had hired a mercenary to take the spear before we could and the slipped away just before we could reach them. But with with our combined wisdom and skills we managed to track the mercenary down, and arranged a meeting with him where we could meet up and make business. Realizing that the man was of little danger to us, and let myself be charmed by his magic. My group was directly willing to start a fight, but in the end we found common ground, and made a good, new friend in the end.



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