Hyperborea Rising

Elise's Diary: entry 2

A small problem

You know, when I wrote my last entry I didn’t think things could get much stranger than it already was. Boy, I could not be more wrong. It started off pretty well, we had plenty of gold to spend so we decided to go and spend it on some new magical equipment. Given the choice of going the safe route or the scenic route we obviously went for the latter which, as it happens sent us through dark fey territory. During the journey, I learned that Mr Faustus isn’t really a fan of Mr Zelgius’ cooking and stormed off to see if the fey had anything to spare. Granted, at that time I was feeling tired and decided to call it a night, but Mr Ji told me the following morning that Faustus followed a trail of berries to a fey camp, his tiger followed but didn’t come back and Zelgius may have gotten lost while hunting. So, he decided to go and retrieve them while I looked over the camp. They came back the next morning, as expected, though apart from Ji, they had a symbol tattooed on their bodies, apparently a gift from the horned god. All in all I think they suit them just fine.
A few days later though we finally got around to buying stuff for our journey. I wandered off and scored a nice pair of acrobat slippers and a beautiful silk dress. In all honesty right now I wish that was all I got, because while I was looking for a nice inn I found a vendor selling various magic rods and got a pretty good deal on a ‘rod of wonder’ as the vendor called it. Apparently it can help the wielded perform great feats of magic, the lousy con artist. So, in my enthusiasm I decided to try it in my inn room… and the next thing I know I’m reduced to a convienient hand held size, about a foot tall. Worst of all I was stuck in my room because I couldn’t reach the damn door handle.
Honestly the next morning was the worst, as I had Zelgius shouting at me from outside to wake up after I had spent a good two hours trying to reach the door handle. On top of that I nearly lost it when Faustus called me ‘adorable’, do they not understand how intimidating they look like to me, and then on top of that he decided to grab me. So here I am now, sitting in Faustus’ pocket, writing this on a spare piece of scrap paper I found trying not to throw up with all the swaying. And I swear to god if he tries to grab me again I’m gonna bite him.



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