Hyperborea Rising

Elise's diary: entry 5

I think we started a civil war

Well, it’s certainly been a few busy weeks with plenty to write about, so where to start? Well, after that business with King Arthur we decided to travel to one of his halls to celebrate the defeat of the Saxons. It was all going so well until that damn tiger started telling stories again, getting the hall to hang on his every word. I thought he could use some competition so I did my best to tell my account of the battle, to a surprising degree of success. That is until he got the upper hand and actually got the the room to turn against me. Admittedly I might have gotten a bit carried away after that, storming out of the hall and scorching the ground (I can breath fire now by the way) as I flew away to calm down.
after that we travelled to Londinium where we met up with Captain Jean and set out for Hyperborea. I think he might be a little… shrewd with his savings as he wouldn’t actually dock his ship for us. During the trip Zelgius decided to walk in, trying to give me some moral lecture about trying to control your pride. I wasn’t really in the mood to I decided to leave and try to find a more comfortable place to sleep (a pair of large bat wings really makes sleeping hard). However things started heating up as the boat was attacked by a brine dragon. The tiger, with his obsession with slaying dragons decided to dive head first to meet it in battle, with Ji, Roshan and Zelgius following in behind. Mind you, given that I’m not exactly that competent a swimmer I thought it best to let them handle things. Long story short however the dragon was defeated, the tiger got some trophies and we continued sailing on.
A few weeks later we arrived in some place “Scandowegia” and visited a small village who informed us that some King had united a bunch of Troll clans together and were apparently planning something bad. In response we decided to visit one of these villages, though the residents didn’t seem all that happy that we did. After that Zelgius, Ji and his tiger had to leave for reasons they neglected to share, leaving Roshan, Ratcliffe and myself to deal with them. So, Roshan had the ingenious idea to disguise ourselves as trolls (well, Roshan took the form of a fire elemental) and inquired about the king at the village. Things did not go as expected however, as Roshan kind of convinced them to burn a neighbouring village to the ground over, of all things, salmon. In the aftermath we found that the giant’s were using equipment of Byzantine make, which was somewhat strange, if not sespicious. But anyway, we returned to the troll village nad Roshan went a step further, by getting the village to declare war against the Troll King, fortifying the village and making it into a stronghold.
So while they were preparing for war we dicided to scout out ahead and we saw that the king’s army was on the move… and may also have been trained by Roman legionars. In response to this we decided that the best course of action would be to assassinate the king in his sleep in the dead of night. So, I flew everyone to his tent, used some invisibility potions from Ratcliffe to sneak inside and I personally delivered the killing blow. We then flew away with the other two deciding to throw firebombs for the fun of it.
A few weeks later we made it to the king’s town of residence to find his hidden loot horde. Given that he was a troll it was likely that he hid it underground, all we needed to know was where to start looking. It was at this point that Karzak decided to speak up, compelling a troll maid to give us a hand. She informed us that it was most likely down a well, she then tried to get intimate with Roshan who, as it turns out, may have certain romantic feelings for Ratcliffe. I mean, with sir Crowley gone I suppose we do need people to provide the storybook romance that our party needs. Soon after we descended down the well, retrieved a bag of loot from behind a poorly made wall and left as soon as we could.
So in summary; we are currently in Scandowegia on our way to Hyperborea, we may have provoked a troll civil war, Ji’s tiger is an ass and roshan and Ratcliffe may end up a couple. All in all a pretty productive few weeks.



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