Hyperborea Rising

First try at this "writing" thing by Gestr

This is really difficult with paws

While I still maintain the superiority of oral transmission of knowledge I have been convinced of the usefulness in written knowledge in some cases. This especially comes into play for widespread transmission and spread of knowledge, and as such I will make use of it to spread the most important of knowledge, the story of my adventures as a mortal.
I will start with the last of my many great deeds, the slaying of a fragment of the mighty dracolich and psuedo-deity Karzak, the personification of his worst sides. We noticed the spread of the hideous plague and following raising of the dead that followed it. We decided to take it upon ourselves to stop it. So we looked into it and realized that this fragment, summoned by some fool, was the being behind everything. We went to the headquarters of the sect following this dreaded draconian, and fought our way into it. While traversing this hideous base we tried our best to convert these misguided mortals to a better path and show mercy, and met with some success. Once we got to the heart of the dungeon we faced with the undead monster himself with his most trusted followers, and an fight of epic proportions ensued. I held my own for most of the fight, but in the end I was brought low, but my mighty companions, emboldened by the sight of my defeat, knowing there was no one to stand by them, and Amelia struck the final blow, bringing honour to our party.



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