Hyperborea Rising

Journal of Faustus - 3

Renovatio Imperii

Excellent news! We have joined the expedition to restore rightful rule to Africa. However we are not travelling and fighting with the main army but instead acting more as “problem solvers” for the areas the army has passed through. Zelgius originally signed us up as a mercenary band but apparently they were looking for those trained in steppe horse archery, a skill set we sorely lack. Narses himself seems to have found use for us though so it all turned out well.

Speaking of Zelgius, whilst I waited at the inn for a messenger to arrive informing us of our appointment I noticed that the necromantic energy was still an issue. This combined with new developments regarding my abilities led me to deduce that this perhaps wasn’t just an issue of lingering energies. The only lead I had to go on was that during the original incident in the crypt only Alexander and Zelgius were ever out of my sight. Given that Zelgius wears a demon and I can’t actually communicate with Alexander I was left with only one method of inquiry. To his credit Zelgius was rather forthcoming when I asked him, to the point of showing me the ink vial he was currently storing the blood of Karzaak in. I was about to chastise him and warn him that what he was doing was exceedingly dangerous when as if to prove my point Alexander walked in. A close call to be sure. I’m not sure what has become of the sample now but I sternly told Zelgius to deal with it in one manner or another as I would not suffer that sample contaminating the food supply for the army. No incidents so far which is a good sign. I’m rather suspicious of why he has such a sample but he invested a great deal of trust in me showing me it so I will repay in kind, even going so far as to offer my aid in this issue should he require it.

As for our current work, we’ve been tasked with destroying a nest of giant ants who are threatening the food supply from the local area. Initial scouting and engagement has been promising so a full assault should be launched soon.

I spoke earlier of developments in regards to my powers and this one is quite exciting. In addition to being able to “push” for more favourable outcomes whenever there’s a fork in outcomes, now I can vaguely sift through different times for information. The process is strange to say the least and mentally taxing but the utility is to great to deny. My main concern however remains how exactly has this power come about and at what cost. I have already lost full use of one of my legs, what else will I lose?



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