Hyperborea Rising

Journal of Faustus - 4

Pest Control

Our first mission went well, if a little strangely. Returning from our scouting mission we were continually badgered by a curious salesman from the far east intent on selling us lanterns. To this moment I still do not understand the utter determination he held to sell us lanterns. It eventually emerged that he was skilled in the arcane arts and he was hired to aid us in our mission. Time will tell if this is a mistake but despite his insistence on translating Julian’s never ending sermons to me I think his skill set will be of great use to us. The mission itself was a rather difficult test of endurance. The worker ants were very easy to dispatch but so numerous we were constantly being worn down. Cutting our way through the hordes we eventually came upon a large grey mass and went to investigate it. I don’t remember what happened next. When I came to I was on the ground in an old Carthaginian temple. Apparently I lost my mind and started acting like a centurion from a battle long since past. Firstly, I know Zelgius and his damn artefact brought that elephant back to life and I will be having a stern word with him about why bringing powerful necromantic items to an area with many, many corpses is a bad idea. Secondly, I’ve never been in the army or fought in any war. Those memories were most certainly not my own. Clearly it must have just been the fright of the moment seeing an undead elephant, that’s all. I hope that was all.

As for the temple, we managed to grab some very old offerings after defeating the local guardians. Not a bad haul at all. We got back on track and eventually tracked down the queen. After some planning we decided to disregard any subtlety and launch a full scale attack at the queen, hoping to knock her out before being overwhelmed. It worked surprisingly well and the rest of our time was spent hunting down the disorganised, leaderless hive. With this done I imagine we will be moving on from this town which I’ll be glad to do. I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a place so utterly boring and devoid of resource and entertainment. I’ve been having cramps and awful headaches ever since clearing that hive so it better not have given me a disease in addition to it’s other crimes. Hopefully I can just sleep it off and get back to business tomor



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