Hyperborea Rising

Journal of Faustus - 5

im fine

awakened by zelgius late morning. experienced residual pain of event. closest approximation would be my soul being rended apart. spent moment screaming in agony. recovered. unfortunately disturbed nephilim guests who expertly deconstructed the door. also disturbed zelgius. can hit a surprisingly high note. possible bardic training? confronted over elephant incident. he consumed the artefact. kaarzaak occasionally exhibiting control to prevent discovery of this. concern. artefact has become lodged, difficult to remove. i will study surgical techniques. difficulties remain. necromantic aura remains. possessive entity remains.

problem – preventing subversion of will by kaarzaak and ceasing production of mindless undead


becoming a worshipper of kaarzaak


almost no difficulty
subversion of will and mindless undead cease to be problem


unacceptable, kaarzaak is the destroyer of rome

abandon artefact


no longer possessing artefact prevents it from affecting us


artefact may resist
will cause festering blight on land, to blight roman land is to blight rome itself

hand over artefact to religious authorities


may successfully cleanse artefact


will require deific intervention, with possibly negative consequences
negative legal consequences for retaining such an artefact

give artefact to cult of kaarzaak

most capable of containing such an artefact


may be used for destructive ends
only known location of cult is in gaul

conclusion – insufficient information to solve problem in acceptable manner,

course of action – learn containment techniques

after breakfast our work for rome continued. two primary concerns. suspected cult activity and possible dragon activity. cult seemed the easier of the issues to solve. explored region where activity was occurring. followed tracks into cave, was drawn into conflict with hangman tree. victory was short lived. our continued presence animated the bones strewn on the cave floor, creating a bonestorm. seeking shelter we went further into the cavern. there was a heated discussion regarding the artefact. i think zelgius was upset when i spoke of his consumption of the artefact. was i to support his obvious lies? was i rude? i should apologise. this revelation greatly upset alexander. understandable. however his threats must remain idle. death of either party in this dispute is unacceptable.

we were successful in apprehending the culprit, a wizard expanding his knowledge on anatomy. the pursuit of knowledge is commendable. the abduction of the local populace to act as specimens is unacceptable. they are under roman protection now. there were objections to him being captured alive but with the removal of his magic jar i believe containment will be successful. the right amount of restraints can humble even the mightiest of wizards. what works of his have been translated thus far are fascinating. i intend to return to learn more and examine his surgical equipment, should removal of the artefact be demanded.

parting observation – it still hurts



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