Hyperborea Rising

Journal of Faustus - 7


It’s certainly been a strange few days. We made our way to mainland Italy, landing in Calabria. During the voyage my investigations into the arcane bore fruit and I was strangely enlightened with the knowledge of the language of these commoners and many more. “Team Incompetent” is a strange name for a mercenary band Zelgius, especially one you are in. This would create a point of contention upon landing as Julian almost immediately denigrated the Glory of Rome. I admit, I shouldn’t have lashed out, but he shouldn’t be talking ill of the greatest empire that has been and ever will be. My means of response were limited, with my attempt to weakening him failed I resorted to my final option. Cursing him as I had been cursed. This was much more successful and I left quite content with my vengeance. Moments later Julian walked into the inn I was sitting in, with a completely new wardrobe covered unholy symbols. Not really trusting him with the sack with Karzaak in it and having my own reasons I requested it from him then left him to his own devices. Going back to the dock the situation got stranger as Alexander was laying on the ground unconscious. Fixed him up and went on my way. Apparently being denied his connection to his God and the powers that granted him caused him to fall in under 10 seconds. I am still baffled and amused.

In other news, I solved the necromancy problem. Just a matter of perspective really.

Later on a paladin bearing a papal banner showed up to deliver court papers regarding a hearing into the heresy of Alexander. What is going on? The paladin quite quickly noticed the apostate and a skirmish broke out. Thankfully I managed to heal his wounds and send him on his way, after testing if it’s common for paladins to fall so easily. Apparently not. Last thing anyone wants is the Pope as an enemy. At least not yet.

Inns are a lot more fun when you don’t have to pay.

Anyway, the next day it dawned on Julian just how bad a decision he had made. Given the level of apostasy he found himself in, it was concluded that the only way to redeem him and save his immortal soul was to have a chat with Jesus. I assumed it went well, given he’s back to his usual wardrobe of white, gold and silver.

As for what I learned recently, it is much better to actually live the good life than maintain a facade of one. A triumphal chariot with 4 steeds? What was I thinking? I think it is better to be rid of such ludicrous expenses, save for one horse for transportation and keep the gold for more important things.



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