Hyperborea Rising

Shikoba's Report, vol 1

A marvellous party as ever your majesty

The day came that after a few amazing weeks in this Hyperborea place we were called forth to receive our orders directly from the King. We were brought forth during a meeting with some adventurers. Some of them were stepping away and leaving the journey. Elise and Zelgius were choosing to take up residence in Hyperborea for the foreseeable future. The one speaking, a Ratcliffe, was claiming that he could rebuild the fallen Byzantine Empire. Apparently he had support, I had to wonder why he was here if there was support for it back where he came from. Quite a ways away.

But my attention then came to the tiger. It could talk. I’ve heard of animal spirits talking to seers but not an animal that can talk before it returns from the spirit realm. Quite amazing. He spoke of his ancestors and was setting himself up to be heir to two Gods or something to that effect. I won’t pretend to understand but it seems impressive enough.

So we were to accompany the group and assess them, while using a small magical item to report to the King, after all he can’t support every scheme that comes to his attention. It was incredibly generous to even hear this one out.

Now as ever his eminence held a party, because why not as they are always joyous occasions. Well they usually are. This Ratcliffe showed maybe not his true colours, but a shameful avarice and cruelty. He came to me hoping to sell me some “pretty sweets”. No matter how frequently I refused he simply pressed on, claiming that my beauty was insufficient and that I could always be prettier for a price. Well this was upsetting in itself but Lussuria was outraged. How dare he insult his love. How dare he prey on the insecurities of the weak. How DARE HE…. Sorry got a bit… anyway. Thankfully Arcay saw my distress and calmed me down. We shared a few puffs of the “peace pipe”. While I was enjoying my now inebriated state Arcay was having his own crisis. He had seen a dark aura emanating from the tiger, the most evil and twisted he had ever suffered to witness. During his panicked exclamations the witch Amelia attempted to cast a spell on him. This did little to deescalate the situation.

I do hope this does not set a president as we took a large amount of cocoa to calm Arcay down. I wouldn’t mind our copious excess but we simply don’t have enough supplies to deal with all this. Having spoken to the being with this aura he may be objectively evil but he is at least polite. More so than some of the company we have to suffer. The party ended with myself, Arcay and a few new acquaintances heading to an afterparty, apparently my love not war discussion swayed a few hearts if just for one night of peace.

Some time later we set forth to the frozen wastes once more but this time heading further than we thought possible. Passing the small tribes we came across some that were very different. Arcay had heard that a shaman in the North could point us towards his God. But there was something wrong with these people. They were twisted forms of what may not even have been men.

But we came to the shaman who spoke in riddles, avoiding answers and simply giving more questions. Thankfully Amelia was able to force a coherent answer out of him. I simply asked if he had found love. I was pleased to hear he had. I’d have pried further but I was aflame as strange glowing blue symbols were burned onto my flesh. Once the pain had subsided i was actually rather pleased. Their intricacy had a strange and wrong beauty, to my people this means that one is part of a community… I’m not sure if I want to be part of this one. The others were also changed. Ratcliffe grew a fitting tail, the tiger is now practically daemonic in appearance and… well Arcay is looking at me funny and licking his lips… yay?



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