Hyperborea Rising

The chronicles of Emperor Shendo: chapter 3

It is done. The object of my desire and the artefact that I have spent my life searching for; the Crown of the Kobold King is now in my possession. Fits rather snugly on my head to boot. Oh, and it grants me both an immunity to the 5 draconic elements (at various times) and the ability to subjugate the will of other kobolds. The tale of how it finally came to my possession is one best told by the tiger Gestr but I will summarise it as best as I can.
At the end of our last escapade we recovered the soul of Arcay’s snake and it was left to me to bring it and it’s body together again while the others continued the search for the crown. Naturally I succeeded though the creature seemed unhappy with my attempt to draw some of it’s blood for research. Nevertheless I obtained some from the unconscious body and got some of Arcay’s in the process. Waste of time though as neither has a trace of a draconic heritage which will make selling Quetzaquatl to the other kobolds more difficult but not necessarily impossible. Still, they located an area where the crown may have been buried in the north of China and we set off immediately. Unsurprisingly the entire ruin was filled with traps though the initial dozen or so were made more recently by the servants of a local dragon who, believe it or not, charged us 30% of any treasures we found while exploring. Naturally I maintained a level head and calm demeanour and most assuredly did not blow up any nearby Kobold villages. The traps from the time of the old king proved to be more devious from walls made of ooze to poisonous gas released upon attempting to detect magic. The second trap proved to be fatal for Arcay, three chests that took away a sense and released a golem. My breath left the thing a smouldering husk but caught the boy in it’s spread and while I do not believe that I am culpable in his death (being both deaf and blind at the time) I still felt a pang of guilt and remorse. But then he was revived and the feeling soon left leaving me with a deep feeling of anger that I took out on the countryside while spelunking though the locals seemed displeased with this approach, demanding that I pay a fine.
Still, we set off again to finish my quest and after many more traps we came to the king’s throne room with piles of gold and the skeleton of a Kobold with a sword and crown. Upon reaching for it however, the skeleton awoke and attacked me with it’s icy breath. I returned in kind, scorching it with my own and a long battle was waged, culminating with an acidic arrow through the things chest. Now the crown rests upon my head and his sword hangs by my waist and I must now get to the task of establishing an empire. After the coronation of course followed by a few days of feasting to celebrate. I’ll also need to write up a set of laws for citizens to follow, set up a treasury and organise an army but how difficult can all of that be?



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