Hyperborea Rising

Zelgius' Journal - Entry 1


Traveling to Constantinople took up the vast majority of my funds leaving me with little else other than my equipment. With little experience in just about anything all I could really apply for would be a teaching post but who here would give that to a Hyperborean? So I went to the bounty office to find some work, after all we are quite strong together.

There I met an… eccentric group. A Roman who can’t speak the more common tongue who refers to the others as barbarians. A kitsune from China who doesn’t even know how to pronounce the name of his own country. A troll who is straightforward if nothing else. And then there’s the inquisitor and paladin. The inquisitor is ok I guess, he doesn’t cause me any issues. The paladin is a whole other issue.

Once on the road and out of town I summoned Lazarus, because if caught in an ambush on my own I’d be little more than helpless. So the paladin threw holy water at me and began demanding Satan reveal himself. It was kind of hurtful but I suppose this is what facing ignorance is.

We ventured on once the paladin realised the rest of the group weren’t backing him up. Coming up to the cave entrance we made short work of the goblin guards. Then the troll and I found an unconscious guard and quickly and efficiently dealt with him. The paladin berated us. Again. Adding to this dilemma the inquisitor ordered him to begin reciting verses from the bible. He was loud if nothing else.

Rousing whatever soldiers remained we found ourselves beset on all sides by upwards of 40 goblins as they came towards the rather loud chanting of our paladin. Somehow surviving we retreated to recuperate and regroup. Before charging right back in again.

Defeating the leader and the remnants of his guards we left with his head. Claiming the reward, along with the loot from his cave. We all considered going our separate ways but took on another job with the church. It went as well as could be expected. Lazarus was banished and I was told off. I just about remained civil as we left the church. Today we go into the crypts to search for the cause of the necromantic magic.



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