Hyperborea Rising

Zelgius' Journal - Entry 3

Team Incompetent Rises

So we discovered there was an expedition setting off to Africa to deal with some usurper. Normally I wouldn’t care in the slightest but Faustus made little effort to contain his horror at the developments but also his giddiness at the prospect of joining the expedition. I set off to the military headquarters to add our names to the list of mercenaries available to the venture. I had never done this and I’m not sure what I was expecting to be honest. They wanted cavalry and so far I’m unaware of any in our group capable of riding a horse. I suppose the druid could ride that terrifying tiger but that’s all I know of. Then I was asked if we were archers. With the exception of the troll which vanished, no. Then the clerk asked what the name of our mercenary group was. At this I froze thinking this really should be a group decision but for some reason thought I’d tease Faustus and named us Team Incompetent. He won’t even realise, I doubt he’ll ever bother to learn Hyperborean.

With that dealt with I informed the group that if we’re needed someone would arrive to order us to embark for the journey. Settling in to wait I ordered dinner to discover that this reanimated food business wasn’t going away and that they were going vegetarian. Normally I wouldn’t mind but in this new form I found myself craving meat… all the time. Maybe it’s the fangs, they are somewhat more carnivorous. But it seems that the necromancy seeps out continuously so I can only manage half a meal before it goes off. I’ll have to eat either more quickly or less meat. So I made my way through restaurant after restaurant until something caught my eye. The inquisitor quite visibly casting detect magic. Repeatedly. Everywhere. So I took the long way round to avoid him. Admittedly I’m covered in magic at this point, wearing two magical items along with an eidolon but I don’t need anymore trouble than this is worth.

Heading back to the inn we were staying at I was not surprised to see Faustus, eyes glued to the entrance hoping to receive orders. I began writing in my journal, keeping track of my thoughts which are increasingly being muddled with various inputs. One being Lazarus who is determined not to get found out. Another being Karzak who keeps promising me power and a way to bring Lazarus back, not that he tells me any actual method to attain this. Just constant promises. The final one is an unknown… I feel it knows more and is more powerful than I can possibly understand. Although it’s suggestions are just various spending choices.

My writing and thoughts were interrupted by Faustus asking me if I knew anything about the necromantic influence going about the town. To which I immediately pulled out the blood and told him I had been researching it (neglecting to say that said research had been listening to the voice emanating from it). As Faustus was in the middle of telling me off none other than the inquisitor walked in. Swiftly putting back the inkwell I went back to my work. The inquisitor then came over and asked if he could borrow some ink to write some letters. I passed him some of my spare ink and continued my work, he seemed to give up on his investigation at this point. But it did make something apparent. This wasn’t acceptable.

With an inquisitor on the prowl, Faustus telling me I can’t ruin his chance to restore Rome and the inevitable guilt trip from Julian, I had to do something. It was at this point one of the voice perked up, mentioning a lead vial. It would be hard to detect the magic, and meant I could… keep it on my person. After brief contemplation I set off to do the deed. As n experiment I treated myself to dinner and was again disappointed as my dinner tried to kill me.

The next day we set off having been informed by someone of great importance (apparently) that we’d be useless on the battlefield but could be of use to restore order to newly reconquered territories. We left and after weeks of travel in which I mostly kept to myself, and away from the meat storage not wanting to doom the expedition to starve we arrived at our first destination. We were told there were some giant ants to deal with. What could go wrong?



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