Hyperborea Rising

Zelgius' Journal - Entry 4

Swallowing was a mistake

After my discovery that the ingested artefact only creates mindless undead I thought it best to seek help. Naturally I turned to Julian and not just because he could heal whatever wounds were caused by my efforts to extract the offending object. However, it did not go well. I was in a wooden box about to tell him when… I just couldn’t. My mind began to swim as I lost concentration and then I heard my voice talking. I was telling him I had feelings for him. Impure thoughts. I was mortified and could hear chuckling from somewhere in my mind.

I tried to tell him next morning during our prayers but it only got worse. I started propositioning him. A lot. I wasn’t even that subtle. At least I looked different, it felt slightly less embarrassing. I’m going to keep trying until I tell the truth. I’m sure it’ll be easy to explain that the devil is inside me but we can remove him in a much more straightforward and physical sense rather than this endless praying. Also I think I did a good while with Julian. I may be a heathen but I’m not a heretic like the inquisitor turned out to be. We were both quite taken aback by that.

Anyway after that we went off to kill the ants. And there was the damn lantern merchant as well. Not sure why he came but he turned out to be rather helpful with his pyromancy. It was going well until a giant elephant came back from the dead. Just another reason to be rid of this damn artefact. It does keep promising to help bring Lazarus back but at this rate it’ll kill me first.

Then Faustus apparently went senile for a bit thinking he was a legionnaire in a long past war. Takes all kinds I suppose. But then he charged through a goddamn wall. Admittedly he did find a profane shrine that reminded me all too well of my own abhorrent past. Those children were at least cremated. That’s at least some dignity in death. I didn’t even grant my victims such courtesy. Maybe there’s a reason Lazarus and I are suffering now. If any were to deserve it, it would be us.

After dealing with the guards and dividing the treasure we ventured forth trying to find the damn queen and putting an end to this. Finding her nest we proceeded to overthink our approach before immediately charging in screaming and killing her. We tracked down the last of ants and went back to town. Perhaps tomorrow I can tell him. Swallowing was a mistake.



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