Hyperborea Rising

Zelgius' Journal - Entry 5

A queer development

Things were off to a bad start. After returning from the ants lair Faustus was determined to get to sleep as quickly as possible. I was having a few drinks and marvelling at the locals. Who needs to be 9 feet tall? It’s just silly! But I digress, the following morning we were getting ready to set off to stop an evil cult for doing weird things to the locals.

But I noticed Faustus was absent. Having knocked on his door to no avail I saw no alternative but to fly in through his window. I found him by his desk, journal open and asleep. I shook him until he woke up, screaming. I responded in kind.

Apparently the other occupants of the inn were concerned as they kicked in the door attempting to save a damsel in distress. I didn’t know if I should have been insulted that they thought I was a woman or touched that they came to my rescue. But that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

What does matter is the change in Faustus. He doesn’t seem to act on emotions or have anymore for that matter. Lazarus had been warning me about him from the start but now I can see why. There’s something wrong with him. It’s a shame, I considered him an ally in all of this. Now I don’t know what to make of him.

Regardless, we had a job to do and we set off. Coming to a valley there was a hangman’s tree that we dealt with surprising difficulty. Turns out this necromantic artefact may be a lot more trouble than it’s worth. Around us the bones began to rise and spin in a cyclone. The Inquisitor began asking questions again which I deflected with ease but Faustus kindly informed him of my… current situation.

Immediately he threatened my life accusing me of lying to him. Good to know that’s an immediate execution. Frankly I wasn’t too worried. I suspect that Ji wouldn’t help him in murdering me and despite the weirdness with Faustus I believe he still would try to help me. I know Julian wouldn’t stand for such an act, he’d stand by me. Despite everything I am… he’d protect me.

Then the inquisitor finally saw sense and realised that incapacitating me while still on a mission may not be the smartest plan. At this time a mad wizard walked in. Claiming to have conquered death he asked us politely to leave. I tried to be nice back, after all it was his home. But it inevitably resulted in a fight. Having defeated the elemental and golems we subdued him and are taking him in to be handed over to the authorities. I’m not really sure if this is wise as he’s liable to escape and continue his research into this “medicine” he speaks of.



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