Hyperborea Rising

Zelgius' Journal - Entry 6

A matter of life and wealth

Having sent the mad “Dr” to his execution which he didn’t seem too perturbed by. I suppose if you believe you’ve conquered death what is there to fear? After watching the lunatic hang I explained to Julian that the devil was inside of me and we could remove him physically with surgery. Despite my hesitance to go under the knife with an inquisitor nearby who has made it quite obvious that he’d kill me if given the chance.

Julian and I have continued our daily and nightly prayers, it’s beginning to become second nature. It’s weird having an actual routine, never really kept to schedules and stuff in my school years. Julian is still trying to make me see the errors of my ways. I do see that I’ve been wrong for most of my life but I fear my soul is stained beyond redemption. I don’t think you can come back from sacrificing people to a demon lord… probably not.

But getting past my fears over my immortal soul we set off to take out a dragon. Attempting to set up an ambush we failed quite miserably but I set off in pursuit. In the end it tuned out to be a hyperborean noble who was fighting as a mercenary for the the opposite side. I asked him to stop but after finding out I don’t hold station he ordered me to stand down. I explained after being shot that I couldn’t let his gun fall into their hands. If I did I either had to kill my companions or face execution myself by their side.

After the skirmish with the noble I secured his pistol and in doing so, just so happened to secure myself a noble title. Then Faustus revived him and I naturally gave him back his gun. I was somewhat bitter but didn’t want to cause a diplomatic incident and also it was the “right” thing to do. Or something. Being good sucks sometimes.



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