On a very long tour and an even longer vacation.


Age: 17
Height: 4ft 4
Weight: 95lbs
Hair: red with white streaks
Eyes: one blue, one green
Alignment: chaotic good


Born to a minor nobleman and a mother she never knew, Amelia’s life has been one of familiar turmoil since her conception. As a child she was often kept away from other children, even the wider world as a whole, often confined within the walls of her father’s manor. As a result, while she lacked the social skills of the average person she found herself engrossed in the many books from the family library, finding herself particularly engrossed with tomes on arcane sorcery and history. Over time she even developed a pleasant singing voice and started conversing more with the family servants (as her father was often away, and even when present he spent little time with her.)
However, all of this changed four years ago, on the eve of her thirteenth birthday. While studying in the library she felt a strange tingling sensation spread across her body, until with a flick of her wrist she produced a small, hovering ball of light. After the moment of shock passed by, she made the same gesture again and a new light was produced. She continued this for a few moments until, to her surprise, one of the servants entered in on her. A feeling of surprise and worry washed over Amelia upon seeing the servant when, a mere moment later they fell to the floor unconscious. As if thinks couldn’t get any worse her father soon entered to witness the display. Instead of speaking, he pointed at a nearby mirror, demanding her to look at herself. When she saw her reflection her heart nearly stopped as she watched a white streak replace a good portion of her flowing red hair. Near on the brink of tears she asked her father what was happening. In response he grabbed her harshly by the wrist, dragging her out of the room. He explained that 14 years ago he had been seduced and tricked into mating with a vile hag and it wasn’t until her birth that the illusion faded. In his anger he moved to strike it down but it vanished before the blow could hit, leaving only a new-born girl.
Frustrated that his daughter had seemingly inherited her mother’s magical aptitude he became enraged, throwing her out of his manor and disowning her. She was told that should she ever set foot in his land again he would personally slay her himself. Heartbroken, she ran into the nearby woods, a stream of tears flowing down her cheeks until she tripped and fumbled to the ground. She took one last look back at the house that made up most of her world one last time and set off with nothing to her name, not even a family name.
Days passed by as she wandered the land, trying to eek out a meal wherever possible, often relying on the good nature of passers by. That is, until one night when she was sleeping in the woods, under the stars. The events of the last few days still fresh in mind she looked up and prayed to whoever would listen for help. As she readied herself for another rough night’s sleep she was stirred by a strange creature, gliding towards her. Her eyes widened slightly as she observed the creature, an Archaeopteryx as she recalled reading about, walk up to her. Embracing the creature she suddenly felt her body tingling as she had in the library only softer. It was at this moment that she decided that she would prove her father wrong , that while she may have adopted some of her mother’s powers she would not end up like her, instead she would choose to help those in need.
And so, Amelia and her new companion (who she later named Reginald) embarked on an adventure, to develop her magical powers, help the helpless and, perhaps, show her father wrong.


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