Elise Domitius

elven magus


Main attributes:
dex: 19
intelligence: 20
weapons: rapier and longbow

age: 32
height: 4ft 8 inches
weight: 90lb
red hair and blue eyes
alignment: chaotic good


So, where to start? Well I guess the first thing I’m usually asked is how an aasimar could have fathered an elven daughter. Well the simple explanation is that he didn’t raise me; he rescued me. I was raised almost from birth as a slave to some cult of dracolich cult. Trained from early childhood to wield a blade or burn an enemy to cinders. I’ve even got a ‘nice’ little reminder branded onto my back, in case I ever feel nostalgic for the worst years of my life. They did what most creepy cults do to their victims; starve and leave us malnourished, which in retrospect might explain why I’m so short compared to other elves my age. They also gave us daily beatings and canings for even the slightest failure, a lot of friends I had growing up there never made it more than a few months and I still don’t know how I made it without ending up as some violent sociopath.
Mind you that all changed when I was 14. I heard shouting and explosions outside my room (which in reality was just a tiny cell) when suddenly my door was flung open, revealing a tall man, clad in literal shining armour (come to think of it his entire body seemed to radiate some pure, almost divine light). Upon seeing me his gaze seemed to soften somewhat as he gently took hold of my hand and led me out of the prison that I called home. I soon learned that he was a member of some inquisition seeking to eradicate any followers of a long dead dracolich, my former captors included. When they had finished securing the area I got the biggest shock of my life; the man, Alexander, actually offered me a home and as it turns out, a family.
Years went by, I was officially adopted by my father and he even taught me how to fight for a good cause. I also started branching out and exploring other activities. As it turns out I have a pretty good singing voice and can even get a good amount of coin for it. A few years ago I left home to travel around the continent, singing and performing in towns and cities while honing my skills with a blade and magic. My father has been keeping me appraised with the daily goings on at home. Apparently he’s working with a colourful group of adventurers and are on their way to Rome right now and by sheer coincidence that is where I’m heading as well, so I’ll finally get to see him again after spending so many years apart.
Now, after weeks (or was it months) of travelling it’s time to call it a day. Meeting Zelgius’ parents and the vision in the dwarven ruins really got to me. It’s time for me to make my own path, maybe run a few jobs for Hyperborea’s king and find a way to clear my father’s name. If anyone from the old group are still travelling then I wish them luck, and even more for anyone else who might join them.

Elise Domitius

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