Faustus Aelius Valentiniaus

Living the good life


Faustus Aelius Valentiniaus, proud descendant of a moderately successful line of Ravennese merchants whose fortunes rapidly declined with the Empire. Despite this his parents always found the time and resources to dote upon their many children and for Faustus this meant a large library of books, primarily about history or heroes of times long past. Always feeling somewhat out of place and out of time he connected deeply with the passages within these tomes and to the descriptions of the previous greatness of the Roman Empire. Such was the extent of these feelings he even venerated the old pantheon of gods, whose holy figures he hid from the rest of his family or otherwise claimed merely subjects of historical intrigue (after all it wouldn’t do for an Aelius to be a pagan).

During his adolescence however Faustus began to exhibit strange powers he couldn’t understand. Despite spending most of his free time experimenting with his new-found inherent magic he could scarcely accomplish more than the most minor of healing magic. It was as though something was missing or that his power was incomplete.

There was little time to consider the meaning of this however as soon the winged death of the Roman Empire, the damnable dracolich Karzak arrived. House Aelius fled, hoping to reach Constantinople in the east. Unfortunately in the turmoil, destruction and chaos that ensued during the fall only Faustus survived the journey.

Life in Constantinople has not been easy what with being penniless, incapable of speaking the local language, insulting most of the local populace and the simple fact that the profession of a philosopher is not the most materially rewarding of pursuits. Doubly so when your work is either unpopular, ignored or written anonymously (due to aforementioned unpopularity). This however would be survivable if not for Faustus’ crippling vanity. With all that had happened to this point and his rather unpleasant experiences in Constantinople he could scarcely believe he was in the final vestige of the Roman Empire or that many of his fellow citizens were somehow worthy of the title “Roman” drove him to ever greater heights to vainly distinguish himself. This would only result in a crippling debt to unsavoury characters who have already broken his legs. These injuries however would turn out to be most fortuitous. Despite what healing magic he knew seemingly not affecting his injuries and the bones healing incorrectly his inherent magic started to function properly. A permanent limp was a small price to pay for this unlocking as he soon found a most tantalising power. Faustus could manipulate time. Admittedly only very slightly but he could through tiny manipulations gain more favourable outcomes.

Most would not envy Faustus’ situation, with a crippling debt due to be collected soon, an unsuccessful career and the enmity of almost every non-elf he has encountered. However for Faustus the future gleams with unrealised potential as he intends to find just how far this power can go.

Faustus Aelius Valentiniaus

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