Julian Crowley

On Pilgrimage


Julian was born into a lower middle class family. His father was absent for much of his life, leaving his mother to raise the children while he drunk and gambled their money away. Julian would be told to look after his younger brothers and sister while his mother went to work. Julian never found out what kind of work his mother did but he didn’t ask and she didn’t tell.

Because of this his early life was full of strife and fear. Constantly wondering if his mother would come home and if his siblings would be able to eat. Although there was one stable good thing that Julian could always count on. The Church. The priests told him that he did have a father who loved him, they explained who was the true God, that every man was his brother and that he was being tested. Throughout his early life Julian would take his siblings to church to learn what he had, while he learnt more about what it meant to be close to god and how he could help others find their holy father.

In his early twenties his faith was tested again, a traveling cleric of a foreign god came traveling through Constantinople. Julian’s sister wanted to see this man as she had heard much about the feats he could preform. Fearful to let her visit a man worshiping a clearly false God alone, Julian decided to accompany her. What he saw shocked him, the man was clearly channeling divine power through a false idol. And he was using it to help people. A question then crept into Julian’s mind, if this man was worshiping a false God, how could it be working? He turned to his mentor, the head priest, and was told he should look through the holy scriptures to find the truth. And clear as day he found the answer. Clearly the devil was fooling this man, and others, into worshiping false gods. His faith once again in tact, with the knowledge that any contradictory evidence against his beliefs was the work of the devil, Julian became a priest under his mentor in their small church.

Years passed and attacks on churches started to become regular. Many priests called for justice and revenge on these heathens but Julian’s mentor counselled a different approach. Clearly these men had been tricked by the devil and needed help. They are, of course, also the children of God and as their brothers we should help them find redemption and forgiveness.

Unfortunately the attacks grew worse and Julian’s church was attacked by the misguided men. The head priest tired to talk them down but it was no good, he was slain. The men continued to reek havoc in the church while Julian and the other God loving people hid in the back. They were quickly and would have been killed if the first hadn’t brought a huge shield with him. Julian managed to knock the man out with his bible and pushed the shield to block the doorway. The heathens tried to break in but Julian stood strong until the town guards arrived and the men fled.

With the death of the loudest voice against violence a militaristic branch of the church was created to fight the Godless men. The other practitioners of the church turned to Julian to lead them but he knew that this wasn’t his path. He left the church in protection and guidance of his brother, who had being practicing channeling the divine as a cleric and set out. He took his mentors old battle aspergillum, his bible and the large shield. With the aspergillum he would free Gods children from evil, with the bible we would guide them and with the shield he would protect them.

Having adventured with a group of questionable morals and fallen to darknes, he has gone on a pilgrimage to seek forgiveness for his sins

Julian Crowley

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