King Hrolf

King Of Bibracte


A Thulian adventurer who joined Prince Lars of Hyperborea on his quest to prove his worth. He remained a faithful allt of Lars when he claimed Bibracte and searched for the royal armour of Hyperborea that was scattered throughout Gaul. Upon completion of his quest, Lars left Bibracte in Hrolf’s capable hands. Bibracte became a vassal of Hyperborea when Lars led a successful coup and became the new ruler of Hyperborea. Hrolf led an aggressive campaign against the fragmented Gallic overkingdom of Alesia and the the young Frankish kingdom of Aachen. He now rules over all of North Eastern Gaul, much of Belgica and Western Germania.

Hrolf is a grizzled and ancient looking dwarf usually clad in Full Plate and bearing a lage axe. He is missing his left eye and is renowned for having a supernatural resistance to poison, even by dwarven standards. This reputation has led to ill feelings among his subjects as he was the only survivor of a feast where many of his enemies were killed by poisoning. Whether a plot of Hrolf’s or not, he barely survived the virulent poison the removed his rivals

King Hrolf

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