Roshan Eskander

Your wish is his command...


A young man with vivid red skin and a head of flaming, flickering hair. Adorning his head is a set of short, black horns. In an effort to hide these features and his Efreet descent he wears a set of body covering robes and an ornate mask that even covers his piercing red eyes.


Standing strong between the Roman Empire to the west and the Indian kingdoms of the east is Persia. Enriched by the Silk Road both financially and culturally it is no doubt one of the greatest powers Earth has ever seen. Born on the Road, Roshan was uniquely gifted amongst his family. In him the blood of the Efreet was most potent, imbuing him with sorcerous power. Even amongst other sorcerers Roshan’s ability was unusual as it was intrinsically linked to the wish granting capacities of his ancestors. In some aspects, this would be a hindrance, but if developed properly one could twist reality to their whim as the great Genies do.

However, paths to such power are rarely easy and Roshan had two issues to deal with. Efreets and their descendants and considered evil and as such are considered personae non gratae at best. Also, arcane magic is considered witchcraft and a tool of the Daeva. So instead of developing his powers and learning to control them with responsibility Roshan spent his days doing underpaid menial labour. Whenever work dried up or suspicions about their identities raised his family moved somewhere else on the Road and started again. Travelling on the Road, Roshan developed a knack for learning the languages of the Road. Eventually he moved on from menial labour to an ad-hoc interpreter and eventually left the Road to work as an unofficial “advisor” to scholars at the Academy of Gondeshapur. While he received no credit for any of his translations and was quite clearly being underpaid Roshan was simply content to have escaped backbreaking toil. Life was simple for a while, translating medical texts from the east and sending what gold he could back to his family. He grew to want more, as time away from his family fostered a growing sense of independence and with it curiosity. Curiosity about his powers, the world, what great discoveries there are to be made in texts that may never reach here. When, one day, he read a confusing and often contradictory text about a land beyond the north, where the sun never set and its people had changed nature itself to sustain them, he could stand it no longer. With little coin, experience or idea about where exactly he was going, he set out for Hyperborea.

His journey has taken him far from home and he now finds himself in a small band of mercenaries who also seem driven by their wills. He has seen North Africa, the ruins of Rome, Gaul and most recently Britannia. What started as a journey to bring back texts from Hyperborea has now turned into a grand adventure with no real destination or goal. Roshan may yet discover more about the world than he ever thought he would and his powers, no longer atrophied from lack of use, are developing and growing stronger by the day…

Then he decided to become a translator for the Hyperborean king.

Roshan Eskander

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