Zelgius Drake

Drow synthesist - Studying to join the Mage Guard


A drow wearing ornate parade armour and a strange veil covering most of his face. Raised in Hyperborea, well versed in magic and the planes he has set off to further his understanding of these powers and the other worlds.


As a drow born in Hyperborea, Zelgius was sent to study the arcane arts. With pressure from his family and peers he struggled through his studies despite his own failings. Finding his only innate talent was in the planes and the binding of creatures he dropped his studies of religion, geography and biology.

Something of an isolationist Zelgius had few friends and his family kept him in, studying while he was at home. Although, for all his complaints he was always grateful to his family. They didn’t have much but what they did have they used to give Zelgius an education, and he was going to use it to rise through the ranks.

Through it all he had one friend. One confidant. Lazarus Perseguir. One of the few of noble birth that didn’t treat Zelgius like something they had trodden on by accident. Someone that treated him with respect. Someone who valued his abilities. As they studied together they gradually moved away from other students during study session.

Gradually making their way further back into the library. Naturally they would idly skim the books they were surrounded by. Eventually Lazarus found a tome on demonology, specifically one on the King of Wind Demons, Pazuzu. The two swiftly became obsessed with the dark arts and the summoning of demons.

Although his lineage did not grant him wealth or status, Zelgius found it did grant him boons when dealing with dark powers. Quickly finding power and promise from Pazuzu the patron of all that is evil and flies. The two were making progress, although their efforts into actually learning abyssal was surprisingly poor. They weren’t the best linguists it turned out.

This progress came to a complete stop when Lazarus went one step too far, too early. He tried to make a pact with Pazuzu before he was of use to the Demon Lord. If it were to an arch-devil they would just made a lowly devil order them about. But Lazarus was too presumptuous and the King of the Wind Demons had him annihilated before Zelgius’ eyes.

For many this would be the point where they abandon such an endeavour but Zelgius pressed on. There was simply a new goal. It was no longer proving his worth or helping his family. It was getting Lazarus back.

As his work changed it’s focus from Pazuzu to Lazarus he began work on summoning his friend. His studies soon were abandoned in the wake of his obsession. But he did just enough to stay in the academy so he could make use of the extensive library.

But then came the fateful day. It was his birthday. It was perfect. Zelgius had his full name, all fourteen middle names as well. It’s almost as if his parents had decided they didn’t want Lazarus brought back. It was the right thing. Obviously. How could it be wrong? So he began the ritual using every ounce of power he had and utilising all his knowledge.

But it was for nothing. What came out, wasn’t what he wanted. It was humanoid. That much was certain. What Zelgius wasn’t expecting was the claws… or wings… or that it started dying. And then he saw them. Something that told him he had succeeded. He saw his eyes. But as he came to this realisation he also became aware the life was leaving them. In desperation he fused their essence. He expected pain but it was not as bad as he thought. Wings were a bit awkward but he’d live.

So Zelgius knew his life’s calling it was to truly bring Lazarus back. Not in this weakened state, but make him powerful. More powerful than either had intended to become. Together they could achieve anything. That’s the plan anyway.

Zelgius Drake

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