Hyperborea Rising

Journal of Faustus - 1
New Job

Went down to the bounty office looking for a job to soothe my money troubles. I can scarcely believe it myself, to be brought so low shames me but unless there’s another pagan revival I doubt my dialogues bring me any gold. Only bounty available was on the leader of a tribe of goblins harrassing travellers . Seemed to me to be far too much for myself to take on alone (while I do take care to practice with my gladius everyday I hardly consider myself a master swordsman) so I decided to join up with the others in the office.

They are certainly an interesting lot although no true Romans amongst them. Only got to chat with the Hyperborean (polite chap, brought wine, worshipped a demon apparently) and the scholar from the far east (A chinese scholar all the way out here? Fascinating.) as they are the only ones who actually speak Latin. Even they are difficult to understand with their strange accents and dialects. Don’t know much of the others. One, a troll I think, unnerves me somewhat with such strength but precision as well. Another, a zealot of YHWH and his carpenter son, carries two great shields into battle deflecting almost any blow. I can’t say much of the final, I think he has something to do with the church of YHWH but I honestly cannot be certain.

Had rather mixed fortunes on the job itself. Our first foray almost ended in absolute defeat as the shield zealot louded started speaking what I can only assume to be verses from his holy book given the fervor of his chanting and alerted the entire camp. Honestly I blame myself for not leading as a true Roman should and setting up a defensible position. We were swarmed by inumerable goblins and defeat seemed certain. Not being of much use in a melee (and my recent… injury not helping matters) I instead focused on using my powers as much as possible. Rather fascinating seeing all those strikes and lethal blows and then with a slight “push” seeing them miss their mark. I am certain now there is great potential in this ability and I should exercise it as one exercises ones body in the gymnasium.

Our second assault went much better, although we did accidently collapse a tunnel attempting to smoke them out of their entrenched position. All that remains now is to gather the spoils and turn over the leader’s head.

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