Hyperborea Rising

Amelia's journal: entry 3

I won't be eating again for a month

So, where to start this time? A lot has happened in the last few weeks so there’s plenty to get through. Well to start off we’ve been given another mission by King Lars, this time to gather help to reinforce Bibracte and and it’s leader King Hrolf. We had a few choices as to where we could go as well. Persia, for example though while the notion of visiting a new land with what might be a more pleasing climate is tempting it was decided that Persia was too far away, so we’ll add that to the list of places we’ll probably go to later. Instead it was decided that we should get help from King Arthur of the Britons who I’d heard was a bit… eccentric, though Gestr claims to have met him so he should be honourable at least. So we were ready to head out to Britain, that was until everyone adjust happened to run into Loki at a tavern. Another god. While I was asleep. As it turns out he gave Gestr a riddle in exchange for leaving some random door open for him which in absolutely no was seems like an idea we will live to regret. That was sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.
So, after having a quick chat with the trickster god we met an old associate of Gestr’s called Jean who is a rather… colourful character but very capable captain despite the questionable substances he consumes. It was maybe a few days into our journey to Britain however, when Gestr pointed us towards a big whirlpool in the ocean and told us this was the answer in Loki’s riddle… and then proceeded to jump down and swim to it. Needless to say we went after him and, I guess I am a bit ashamed to admit I needed Jin’s help given that I can’t actually swim. Nevertheless we travelled down the whirlpool and landed in some submerged ruins which may or may not have been Atlantis, who can say really? While there we found a stone tablet depicting a method of entering the underworld and a rather nasty golem who got upset when we tried taking the tablet from it. Apparently we need the weapons of several legendary heroes to open some door or passage whose location we still don’t know, but still at least we’re making progress.
A few days later we finally arrived in The Northern coast of Britain and immediately encountered a force of 300 feasting warriors, you know as one tends to do. Through some persuasion we managed to convince the lord that was housing this force to let us take them to Bibracte to gain honour and glory and all that good stuff. An encounter with some surprisingly nice and polite bandits (maybe?) we found Arthur who wouldn’t leave until they could get some sort of truce with the nearby Saxons, who as it just so happens we’re electing a new King. Contending for the title were some lords and a shady looking eel merchant so, in order to speed up the truce process it was decided that Karzak would stand for the position… or rather the reanimated body of the last Saxon king which I guess would be him reclaiming his throne which I suppose is fine. By the way if anyone says that a political battle is easier than a physical one then they are lying to you. It took a shipment of food from Tavenna and a visit from a dignitary of King Lars to convince them to elect their last king. But still we convinced them and got both the Saxons and Arthur to send forces to Bibracte.
Speaking of, we are currently in Gaul and on our way there now, that is after we took a rather long detour. You see, on the way from Britain to Gaul I decided to try and keep myself occupied and so decided to see if I could make anything to help us in our adventures. Turns out, magical equipment requires some high end material so I need lots of money. Well, Jean overhears me and tells me that a friend of his was interested in a crown and would pay us 80,000 gold for it. The only catch was that it was in some kind of burial mound and probably protected by undead, so nothing really new there. As we later found out it was the resting place of an old king who died trying to fend off roman forces centuries ago. He was also a wight with fey hounds. He also had a weapon that may or may not be one of a few legendary weapons that we need. So, he said we could borrow it if we could pass his trials. The most shocking thing was that the first trial, to eat an entire feast provided to us, proved to be the most difficult. I had to call it quits about half way through and it was only through Gestr and his stomach of steel that we made it through that. Even so, I don’t even want to look at food for the newest month and now I need to get in some form of training regiment to get rid of this extra weight. So, after about a weeks rest we had to beat him at chess and while it was very close at times, Jin actually managed to beat him. Our last trial, surprisingly, was the easiest: to kill a chimera and bring back it’s heads. I just made it fall asleep and the others killed it immediately. In the end however it was decided that we wouldn’t press him for his crown, given that he can seemingly conjure food and servants out of thin air and has the obedient service of fey he’s probably not someone we should mess with. Still though we got his weapon and hopefully Lars will pay us for securing him troops to help King Hrolf.
Still though 20,000 each, it’s such a waste.



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