Hyperborea Rising

Chapter 2

Writing is still hard

Having vanquished the evil aspect of the dracolich Karzak we, after resting up for a suitable amount of time, decided that we could no longer take advantage of the hospitality shown to us, and decided to move onwards. There were some difficulties with the alchemist, and he decided to leave the party in a less than honourable way, but merciful as we were we decided to not go down to his level and let him be. As we were traveling we remembered hearing about a hermit that may have the ability to halt the plague ravaging the country side, and as they had shown us great hospitality we decided to pay them back in whatever way we could. After finding out the exact location of the hermit we moved towards him. We were able to easily bypass the many dangers facing us on the mountain path, on which he lives, due to our many skills. Upon reaching the hut of the Hermit we entered his humble abode and astonished as we saw that the inside was many times larger than the outside, and filled with what looked like diseases and illnesses. In the end we did find the hermit and asked him to stop the plague if possible, we were willing to offer many gifts in exchange of this boon. He revealed himself to be Nurgle, the so called “brother” of Tzeentch, a powerful being we had previously visited on our quest and been rewarded by. Nurgle was willing to help us as long as he was allowed to mark us in his own way. We were not certain about this but the price was worth stopping the plague, so we agreed. I’m not entirily sure what he did to me, aside from giving me a bit of an appearance suitable to his domain I can find no mark left on me.




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