Hyperborea Rising

Chapter 3

Writing is getting a bit easier

After leaving the abode of Nurgle we continued on our original quest, and ended up in the ruins of an abandoned city in which we think we may found our prize. Realizing that none in our party had prepared for a large scale excavation local villagers were hired at a reasonable wage to help us out, and after a few days the building we were most interested in was made available to us. Inside the building was a massive ladder which we climbed down. It was much longer than we were expecting and at the bottom we continued onwards, noting that the materials of this place was not from our plane of existence, we think it comes from one of the many hells. As such we were prepared to fight the hideous fiends from that plane of existance, and we were right to be. We slew hordes of the fiends, finding valuables of all kinds, although I still can’t fully understand why someone in our group thought it was worth the effort to pick up several hundreds of copper coins spread about around the floor.



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