Hyperborea Rising

Elise's diary: entry 6

Hyperborea and snooty Drakes

So, it’s been a pretty emotionally heavy week for everyone. After we dealt with the business of the troll king we decided it would be best to get out of dodge in case any unintended consequences of our actions decided to bite us. So, we finally set off again for Hyperborea, leaving Scandowegia and trekking to a Dwarven city that links to the damn place. A few weeks of travelling and we made it to what was in actuality a pretty expansive market (with it’s own portal to another dimensional plane). If I’m going to be honest with myself I think I’d better take it easy on the drinks, this ‘Brimstone’ I tried was, well… let’s just say potent doesn’t do it justice. Oh and Roshan bought a griffon, for some reason.
The next day we hired a pair of dwarfs to guide us through an old, abandoned path to Hyperoborea and it would have been nice if they had informed us as to what we should have expected. The first night there Zelgius just broke down and started crying. Then Roshan followed suite. And then something happened with the tiger I can’t quite remember what. But then I saw him, just standing there by one of the passages. Dad. He beckoned me to just sit next to him and we spoke for who knows how long. He apologised for ending up in some monastery where he couldn’t see me again and, that was when I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I cried, in his arms apologising for being such a failure, for not living up to his ideals. Then he just disappeared and I haven’t seen him since.
The next few days were even stranger. When Zelgius would prepare food, strange thorns or nettles would sprout from it, the Tiger’s teeth turned invisible and whenever I spoke every nearby animal would start howling. So, by the end I was starving and going mad having to stay mute. Thank god it didn’t last long as we soon arrived at the gates of Hyperborea and, as it turns out, Zelgius didn’t want to introduce us to his parents because, and I quote, I was likely “to have a tantrum” and destroy something. the nerve of that little prat. But eventually he relented and boy do I regret it. As it turns out Zelgius isn’t the most snooty, self obsessed person on the face of the world, his father and his black dragon are even worse. He literally disowned some of Zelgius’ siblings for underperforming so, I think I actually feel sorry for Zelgius. god I cant believe I just said that. But anyway, we were apparently resigned to the servants quarters, but whether that has changed or not I couldn’t tell since I booked it first chance I got. So, for the last few hours I’ve been exploring the city while the others do god knows what. As it turns out the city itself is pretty nice, with plenty to do; if only the people were as pleasant.



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