Hyperborea Rising

Elise's diary: entry one

First impressions

Well, my father’s companions certainly have high aspirations. From what they’ve said I’m given to believe that Mr Faustus is seeking to become a legendary hero by slaying a dracolich of his own after speaking with a Norse god. As long As I never have to meet one of their kind, I wish him all the best in this endeavour. Mr Zelgius is looking to become a saint, why he would ever seek praise from that hive of zealots and villains is beyond me, but I think it would be best to support him for now. He could be looking for something to keep his mind off Sir Crowley’s sudden departure, a shame too since I absolutely adore marriage ceremonies, especially one as unique as theirs would have been. Nevertheless I wish Sir Crowley luck on his travels and hope he stays safe. Mr Ji however has been more quiet than Father’s letters indicated. Apparently he had been drinking some really strong Norse ale, a shame because I could really do with some of that stuff right now.
But anyway, back to current affairs. Mr Faustus wanted to go back to his families estate to see if anything of value was still there, because apparently he’s at least seventy thousand gold in debt, a simple task right? Well no, because when we go there the city remnants was found to be inhabited by wights and undead, under the command of a lady vampire. Mr Faustus got us an audience with her that left Mr Zelgius’ jaw on the floor (metaphorically) and got Faustus a private dinner with her while we stayed in his estate.
I swear if we stayed for more than one day I would have broken down in hysterics. Undead and wights I can deal with but vampires, demons and dracoliches I’ve had enough of. Mind you we did find a fortune of gold in the house, so it wasn’t all for nothing. Long story short however, Mr Faustus wanted to stay with the vampire, Mr Zelgius insulted him and was consequently chased after, which gave us the chance to escape. So overall, I’d say it was an interesting first week.



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