Hyperborea Rising

Journal of Faustus - 6

magical boom sticks

after a rest we did indeed return to the wizard’s lab to take whatever materials may be of use including many books and surgical equipment. we also managed to rescue survivors which we had missed in our initial venture. unfortunately the books concerning necromancy were destroyed on the paladins insistence and a popular vote (another reason why democracy is a failure). alternative routes will need to be taken to devise containment measures. however with the tools and alchemical substances we have taken the surgery should be a success, although i am still concerned about complications. on a related note, apologised to zelgius for not corroborating his obvious lies regarding the artefact. it hurt, but was correct thing to do. i hope he accepts it.

after watching the wizard’s execution we continued with our work. visiting the sites of previous caravan ambushes we determined that a dragon was responsible for the attacks… as well as a noble from hyperborea. zelgius explained that in hyperborea they have some form of wonder weapon, which if my calculations are correct, are capable of launching balls of metal at two hundred metres per second at least. if true, such a device could pierce through almost any armour and combined with their ability to magically attune to such a weapon be instruments of untold destruction capable of felling lines of infantry like a scythe through wheat. zelgius was keen to stress that for outsiders such as ourselves to touch a weapon would be a death sentence for us, as knowledge of it’s workings is a state secret. that said i must examine such a weapon. if it is magical it’s arcane power will be drawn out and analysed. if it is alchemical it’s constituent ingredients will be determined. if it is mechanical it shall be reverse-engineered. of course it must be obtained in such a way that i will not be murdered, i have enough to worry about regarding that.

after determining the noble was working as a mercenary tasked with raiding roman supply lines we accompanied a caravan to protect them. we were successful, although the other caravan guards did not survive. deeming that rome might find a captured noble more useful than a corpse i performed emergency medical care on the dead hyperborean. i feel i may have upset zelgius again as the “gun” had to be handed back. i am confused. i thought he wanted to do good things. did i do a bad thing? would rome rather have a corpse? should i do bad things? i do not know what to do, it is difficult to understand now. i should apologise, even if i don’t know what for.

on a more positive note, i think i made a friend with a dragon. although i am not sure what “acolyte” means in this context but i think it’s good.



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