Hyperborea Rising

Journal of Faustus - 8

Norse Mead

We have finally arrived in Rome, that most grand of cities. Unfortunately, it is not as grand as it once was. The streets are near deserted and the architecture broken and battered. Some serious investment is needed to bring Rome back to its rightful grandeur. I have money worries of my own however, so you shan’t be seeing me contributing. Tired from the journey we searched for a suitable inn to rest. Julian and Zelgius settled in some depressing place no doubt affiliated with the church. Ji and I decided on the adjacent inn which had sounds of merriment emanating from within.

Best choice of my life.

We engaged in much revelry that night and into the morning. I did think it odd that at no point did I feel tired, or sick from the immense amount of mead drank. Well turns out this inn leads to Valhalla. Say what you want about those Germanic barbarians, they know how to have a damn good time. Ironically, all this drink lead to a sobering realisation. Relying on Kaarzak for enjoyable nights is a really stupid idea. I did consider solving the Kaarzak problem then and there but asking Odin to deal with it but being in a true god’s presence would not be good for my wellbeing. I asked an intermediary, a nearby Valkyrie, to do so on my behalf but she brought up a good point. Why not deal with it myself? Dying in honourable combat is a prerequisite to go to Valhalla and I can think of worst places to spend my afterlife. If I am actually successful just think of the stories! So, I promised to that Valkyrie that I’d vanquish that dracolich once and for all and she’d be the first to hear about it. At the rate, I’m changing gods, perhaps it’s better to say I’m more partial to Syncretism. Well, Syncretism sounds better than saying I’m a religious mercenary. To those willing to empower me, I’ll gladly fight in their name (and the name of Rome of course!). As for what happens after I shuffle off this mortal coil, well they can fight over me.

The next day was Alexander’s trial. I didn’t attend because bringing Karzaak to the Pope seemed a poor idea, especially giving it’s gets in the way of the whole “vanquishing him forever by myself” thing and anyone who wanted to say otherwise could fight me. Julian to his credit, took me up on that. Good man. He’s certainly tough, but without those shields of his there was only so long he could last. After the trial and the fight, I went right back to drinking, enjoying Valhalla as long as I could before we depart again. Oh yeah, Ji’s tiger can talk now although that might just be the drink.

Wait. I forgot to ask what happened at the trial. Who is this girl that’s following us around? What’s going on?

Ah, never mind. I’ll deal with that in the morning, cheers.



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