Alexander Domitius

In a monastery, forever


Initiative: 2
Armour class: 16
Fortitude save: 6
Reflex save: 2
Will save:6
BAB: 0
CMB: 4
CMD: 16
Weapon: longsword
Languages: common, celestial


10 years ago I was a guard captain in the city of Constantinople. A few months after the infamous Dracolich was slain, a number of attacks were made within the city, culminating in one of it’s oldest cathedrals burning down. Those responsible named themselves the Brotherhood of eternal flame, a cult who believed the Dracolich was a god made manifest to punish us for worshipping false idols. When the Emperor’s forces failed to stop these acts of terror, myself, fellow guards and army soldiers formed a new militaristic branch of the church dedicated to wiping out the threat. As time went on we brought the cult to their knees and in one last attempt to take over the city with a powerful necromancy ritual we slew their leaders and ended their vile practices. The inquisition remained however, now dedicated to keeping a watchful eye out for heretical threats to the people of Constantinople with myself as one of their leading enforcers.
As the years passed we dealt with a number of cults and dangerous groups, taking them down with religious fervour. 3 years ago we brought down a cartel selling refugees as slaves to be used in blood rituals. This is where I met the love of my life Julia, a gnomish inventor from Italy who was heading to Constantinople. Upon rescuing her and the other captives and returning to the city where I offered to house her for the time being. After a while however we got to know each other and began developing our relationship. I was deeply fascinated by her innate curiosity of near everything she interacted with while she showed a deep interest in my celestial heritage. Eventually we expressed our love for one another and have lived with each other ever since.
However the inquisition’s relationship with the church has been growing strained as of late. The priests and clergymen have become engrossed with the daily happenings of the political elite, paying lip service to the masses. Thus while we show public support for the blue chariot team we try and help the greens through discreet means, hoping that by doing so we may gain the influence required to reform, the church and bring it back to it’s original purpose of helping the poor and dispossessed.

Alexander Domitius

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